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Hi, I am Jobel!

I am based in Bangalore, India.
I co-founded
I understand tech, and how to build it.
I am a product guy and management guy.
I am pretty passionate about communication.
I love challenges and puzzles. I dig problem solving.
We are creating something awesome in the fleet management space.
I love tech startups. Always passionate about the amazing technology around us.
I really want to put "aspiring" polymath in here.

I am currently building something really cool at We are aiming to take a step back and relook at how tracking is traditionally looked at. So that it helps fleet owners, employers, truckers and taxi guys in an exciting way. 

I handle product mainly, and most of the talking to people part. I also play a role in determing the company's long term and short term strategy. I also handle the rest of the stuff, all CEO things. I get a rush from solving problems, getting a crack at puzzles or getting challenged. I am detail oriented, and have an incessant need for closure on something I am working on. I enjoy working on the product, hammering it till it is tuned to our liking.

In my free time I tend to catch up on some 9gag and reddit. Also I tend to go on random YouTube bouts, will stop and pay attention when I come across a Jordon B Peterson video. I have a sudden love for country music especially the likes of Johnny Cash and Christian Kane. Though Skillet will remain an all time favourite. Absolute fan of the TV series "Leverage". Currently watching The Office.

Skill set

+/- 10%.




Leadership and Management


Eye for UX and criticism of UI


Product Management

Programmi- -ng


Humour Sense


Glimpse into the life of Jobel Shaji

27 August 1995


Little me saw the world for the very first time.
Somewhere in Kerala, India.

February 1996

First mono-syllable uttered

Said "Papa" first or "Amma" not really sure. Parents are still debating this.

Sometime in 2006

Discovered the internet

Was introduced to the internet. Which just opened up a lot of doors, all the information needed was available and free. YouTube soon became the World's best school, and internet a big, giant library.  

Picked up a guitar around this time.

Passion to break and make things inculcated. Fell in love with systems, unquenchable desire to see how they work and how they can be tweaked.

Dad is a witness to the number of broken(read: open and explored) electronics at home.

Mid 2013

Completed schooling, started under graduate degree.

Completed 12 years of schooling and joined Christ University for Engineering in Computer Science.

Technology was always interesting. To the point there was a earnest desire to be at the forefront of the same. Computer Science was an obvious choice.

January 2016 - June 2016

Tried to make an app, failed. Tried again, succeeded.

Srijan Shukla (who would later become my co-founder at deventree) and I were contracted by a US based Non profit to create an application for them. Tried to do it, put in all we got. Failed. Could not deliver.

Couple of months later we stumbled upon an alternate way to proceed. We decided to try again, succeeded. Used thenewboston to learn Android development.

Successfully negotiated our first 6 figure paycheck while still in college.

05 October 2016

Founded Deventree Solutions

Started development of our first product "Knight". The aim was to address certain pain points in the educational institutions. Goal was to make a system that is easy and useful for Students, Teachers, Parents and the management alike.

Secured seed funding. Put earnings from previous project into Knight.

July 2017


Knight had received due attention from schools in Bangalore, Tumkur, Ooty and Dubai. But while developing a core feature of Knight we sensed an opportunity in another field, fleet management.

Realized existing team was well equipped to handle fleet management sales and support. Made a risky decision to pivot into Fleet management and asset tracking. Hence, Traako was born.

3rd week of November 2017

Development almost complete. Sales started.

Product was developed from the ground up. Handled everything related to the product in-house. Dealt with multiple challenges that had come up. Learned a lot, commited many mistakes, corrected the mistakes, noted the mistakes.


Acting CEO and handling product.

Handles the day to day activities and operation of the company, compliances and regulations included. Talks to clients, talks to teammates, talks to vendors, talks to CAs and lawyers, talks to the food delivery guy, handles most of the talking. Takes decisions about day to day stuff, takes decisions that impact the company. Decisions have ripples and understanding them is crucial. Handles long term and short term strategy and involved in goal setting.

Gets client requirements across to the whiteboard and finally to the product. Working continuously on the product, making improvements wherever possible, deploying new features every few days are some things that make a regular work day interesting. Coming across tough problems is particularly enjoyable.

Occasionally dabble with some code. Backend, strictly. 

Passion for amazing product still dictates the company's core roadmap and it's product development.

Websites are incomplete without FAQs!

I am interested and can talk about cars, bikes, music, space oddity, Skillet, Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, financial markets, stocks, football, FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, product, technology, startups, funding, VCs, photography, psychology, Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk, SpaceX, Tesla, space, religion, christianity.

Something not mentioned above, I can still listen. Anything that gets me closer to polymathy.:P

Of the top my mind.

-Elon Musk for his go-getter attitude and not for the amount of risk he takes (Can be   argued they are non exclusive).
-Naval Ravikant. 
-Kunal Shah. 
-Jordan B Peterson.
-Michael Ramsden.
-Ravi Zacharias.
-Travis Kalanick
(his initial stint at uber might I add)
-J.R.R. Tolkien
-C.S. Lewis

*Not complete list. There can never be a complete list. 

Perseverance goes a long way. Read all you can. Discover podcasts sooner.

P.S. Netflix, Google, Asian Paints stocks. 

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